Dog Walking

Must Love Dogs offers dog training, pet sitting and dog walking services to busy Metrowest residentsIf your hectic work schedule doesn’t leave you enough time to take your dog for a walk, then try Must Love Dogs’ dog walking service. Dog walks are a great way to make sure you dog gets the attention he (or she) needs to be healthy and happy – and you get peace of mind knowing that your best friends needs are being taken care of. Now you won’t have to rush home after work or during your lunch hour.

Scheduling dog walking services on a regular basis helps break up the boredom of being home alone all day. Do you have a young puppy that isn’t able to “hold it” for more than a few hours and needs a potty break? A visit or two during the day is appropriate for older dogs or those with medical issues, too.

We are only taking on limited dog walking assignments at this time. We can accommodate weekends, holidays and school vacation periods. Check out our day care information on the Pet Sitting page for weekday services.

One-on-One Personal Attention

A visit from Must Love Dogs gives your dog something to look forward to. A walk, playtime, potty break, and some one-on-one personal attention. Your dog is our top priority when we’re with your pet. We do not talk on cell phones or play with other electronic devices during your scheduled appointment.

While we’re at your home we can also clean up any accidents, feed and put fresh water in his bowl, administer medication, and bring in your mail.

Dog Walking services are limited to Framingham, Natick and parts of bordering towns. Currently a 30 minute visit for a dog is $23. A second dog is an additional fee.

Training Walks

Training Walks are also available that combine pet sitting with training. We will visit your home while you’re away, giving your dog a potty break, exercise, and training session. The current rate is $40 for a 35 minute session.